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LOADS (Laparoscopic Obesity and Diabetes Surgery) department is part of Star and Aditya hospitals which specializes in the field of weight loss or bariatric surgery, metabolic or diabetic surgery. This department is headed by Dr.B.Narsaiah, surgeon with vast experience in laparoscopic and obesity surgery and infrastructure of hospitals meets world standard. Most important aspect of department is experience of Dr.B.Narsaiah which makes weight loss procedures, almost “day care procedures”. At department we give personal care that makes patients feel at home. The practice at the department was and is to make people understand the procedure, to dispel apprehensions, to be transparent and make them to interact with people who had undergone procedures. The ethics of department is never force a procedure, make them understand and take a decision. Many still do not consider obesity as disease, which is contrary to the fact, yet we do not make them feel uncomfortable at the fact that they are obese, we only help people understand by losing weigh, they can have better quality of life.

We do believe entire population can not have ideal weight, yet do help people who really suffer people from physical, mental and physiological problems, make procedures more pleasurable.

Bariatric Metabolic Institute is created specially to create awareness about obesity and its complications like diabetes, hypertension, CAD, knee pains, COPD, fatty liver etc and also various psychological problems like depression which can be cause and effect of obesity. BMI consists of one of most experienced team of obesity surgery headed by Dr.B.Narsaiah and also various specialist who have vast experience in this field like Dr.Bipin Kumar Sethi (endocrinologist), Dr.Sarat C.Talluri (critical Care), Dr. A.Raja Gopal Raju ( cardiologist), Mrs.Hina Talluri ( nutritionist ) and various specialist to address problems of obesity at various levels.


To create awareness about obesity and its effects, promote healthy habits and work with various organizations to promote health, fitness. To prevent childhood obesity and take to the people the concept of “from womb to tomb” to prevent obesity.

Conventional solutions

To make various modes of conventional means to lose weight like healthy diet, exercise, medications, psychology, style specialist, slimming centers and others means to help to lose weight.

Laparoscopic weight loss procedures

Those who fails by above means will be offered bariatric or weight loss procedures to lose weight and also get rid of medical problems. BMI will make an attempt to make it cost effect and within reach of majority of population and also make it safe. In collaboration with other organizations work towards simpler solutions for weight loss.

Body shape

Offer services to those who need body shape procedures like tummy tuck, liposuctions and other shape up procedures.

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