Number of misconceptions, advices, alternatives that are available for obesity management are unparallel and no other problem or disease can match obesity. Here some of common doubts or queries expressed by many persons seeking obesity surgery:

A: There are many things which we do not understand about the problem of obesity except the known facts. Obesity (bariatric) laparoscopic procedures are helpful to lose weight irrespective of cause and in people who eat less yet become overweight and also in volume eaters.

A: In bariatric procedures we do not take out fat but change root cause of overweight that is on “stomach (gastric pouch)than on tummy. Weight loss occurs gradually from date of procedure to 12 months. But most of weight loss occurs in first 3 – 6 months and then gradually tapers off.

A: WLS unlike other procedures requires only onetime and weight loss occurs gradually from 50 % – 80% of excess weight.

A: People who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and other medical problems are in fact benefit more from WLS as they not only lose weight but also 40 – 60% chances of completely getting rid of diabetes, hypertension , snoring, knee pains, fatty liver and improves quality of life. You can breathe and walk more easily and most people experience feeling of lightness in first week of procedure.

A: The concepts laparoscopy and liposuction are different and indications are different. Liposuction is predominantly used for body shaping like large arms, large buttocks, flabby thighs, big waist, sagging sides when overall weight is within normal limits. It’s used to shape body not as weight loss procedure as weight loss after liposuction can be minimal and can easily regain.

A: The basic difference between routine dieting which requires voluntary restriction of food in spite of being hungry and temptation of food. After WLS hunger comes down drastically and early satiety after intake of small quantity of food which results in weight loss and that too permanent weight loss. Only food that need to be avoided are sweets, chocolates, ice creams etc in large quantity and on regular basis.

A: Each person has separate BMR (Basal metabolic rate) which mainly determines how calories are burnt. BMR is the amount of energy(calories) required for body in resting phase for functions like cell activity, heartbeats, respirations, kidney functions etc. people with high BMR consume more energy (burn calories) out of food intake resulting in less left over of energy to get converted into fat. Whereas people with low BMR burn fewer calories resulting in excess remaining calories if not burnt can easily convert into fat resulting in overweight/ obesity.

A: First and foremost obesity affects individual and he who suffers from obesity knows the miseries of it most. What you undergo by way of physical and mental torture will not be understood anyone. Its best to know and discuss your problem, read literature, interact with people who underwent and chose and I am sure you will be more than happy and realize that unwanted fear more than the actual facts. Choose between suffering throughout life or make a decision and be happy.

A: There is no procedure which has no risk. The risk of WLS in good centers and experienced team is 0.01 – 0.5% which is on par or less risky than routine procedures like gall bladder, cesarean section, hernia operation etc. it also depends on patient conditions like severe obesity, heart, chest problems etc. overall its safe procedure and practiced very widely all over the world.

A: If you can lose weight by diet and exercise that is best and please go ahead and do.

A: People who are grossly overweight can get laxity which might require correction after 12 months. Most of young patients with moderate weight gym and muscle tone exercise not only helps to prevent skin folds but also for better shape.

A: My advice remains same. What is good for patients is also good for my family members. This procedures shall be purely for betterment of physical and mental health and advice shall be based purely for medical reasons not for fancy claims.

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